Let Imagination Form Education


  • Honesty

  • Caring

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

Our Programs

International Camps (age 12 to 17)

For existing international summer camps with an intention to extend their camp culture beyond the world they know, this is a perfect match! A world where your summer camp comes to LIFE and a new tradition is born.

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Costa Rica Camps (age 7 to 17)

For local and international families with children between the ages of 7 to 17 who are looking to take advantage of the the amazing world of summer camps, this is an amazing opportunity! A world where your essential values and hard skills come to LIFE.

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School Camps (age 10 to 12)

For local private and public schools and high schools with a heart and interest for character development in an outdoor education setting, this is the perfect match! A world where your classroom comes to LIFE and then it goes back right with you.

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Customized Retreats (No age limits)

For grown ups from local and international private and public sectors looking for an opportunity to learn and grow as a team in an outdoor education setting, this is the perfect match! It is also your LIFE.

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What is next?


LIFE’s top priority is to offer a safe environment where all participants can succeed, therefore we view safety as the backbone of our existence that allows us to be who we truly are


LIFE’s values are embedded in our culture and are modeled through our staff, therefore the people we hire are the perfect reflection and representation of who we truly are.


LIFE uses a wide variety of fun activities to deliver a top notch experience where all our participants have the chance to learn and grow as they enjoy their time with us.


LIFE offers a variety of safe and comfortable facility options depending on the exact need of our participants. Our goal is to work with our clients to deliver a desired goal within a specific frame of needs.

We create healthy relationships

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